March 27, 2015 Print

Without a culture grounded in the ideas of liberty, individual autonomy, and property rights, the chances for any nation to build a prosperous society are fleeting at best. That’s why it’s so important for organizations like African Students for Liberty (ASFL) to instill in the continent’s youth a thorough background in freedom and sound economics, and training in how to lead, organize, network, and expose those ideas to exponentially more students throughout Africa.

On March 7, more than 100 ASFL leaders from many different colleges and universities gathered at Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria for a Liberty and Leadership Forum sponsored by Atlas Network and the university’s ASFL chapter and Students Union.

“We, the young ones, Cheetah Generation, are the ones that will change Africa,” said SFL’s African Programs Manager Olumayowa Okediran in his speech, “Africa’s Hope of Liberty.” “We are strong. We are impatient with corrupt and brutal governments. We insist on holding autocratic rulers to account. We applaud — and we demand — acceleration of the positive trend toward more accountable and constitutionally limited government, free markets, freedom of speech and press. We demand the responsibility and the liberty to run our own lives, to make our own choices, to pursue our own happiness.”

To learn more about the conference, and read remarks from other notable speakers, read the full event report by ASFL Local Coordinator Femi Ogunjobi at the Students for Liberty website.