June 20, 2014 Print

The freedom movement is growing in Mexico, thanks to groups like the Instituto de Pensamiento Estrategico Agora A.C. (IPEA), an Atlas Network partner. IPEA wants to see a free and prosperous country of responsible men and women where the government is limited by the Rule of Law. To help achieve this, IPEA started a project called One Million Youngsters for Liberty and Responsibility in Mexico, a network of young leaders. One Million Youngsters is a network of young leaders founded to engage the main challenges of freedom in Mexico, and so far, it has played a critical role in achieving a Law of Citizens Initiative that will empower civil society. After almost three months of debates, social media campaigns and interviews, One Million Youngsters was invited by congressional leaderships in both the House and the Senate to testify on the changes necessary for the Law of Citizens Initiative. The bill passed in April 2014, thanks in large part to the diligent work of IPEA. IPEA is celebrating its sixth anniversary this year as it works to build a more free and prosperous Mexico. Its founder and president, Armando Regil, is a graduate of Atlas Network’s Think Tank MBA program. IPEA was awarded the 2013 Francisco Marroquin Award for Student Outreach for their work. Click here to learn more about this award.