October 28, 2014 Print

More than 650 students from across the Americas gathered at Francisco Marroquín University in Guatemala for the 2014 Latin American Students for Liberty Conference. This year’s conference was titled “The Path of Freedom,” as panels, discussions, and lectures highlighted the evolution of freedom philosophies throughout history. The conference featured 25 speakers from 11 different countries, as well as several artists who showed off the movement’s aesthetic side through paintings, photographs and music.

Professor Carlos Sabino of Francisco Marroquín University stressed that Latin America should pursue tried-and-true methods of generating wealth, rather than doomed efforts to reduce poverty. Fundación Libertad President Hector Ñaupari drew parallels between Mises and Hayek fighting to save Europe from totalitarian regimes of the mid 20th century to Latin American libertarians working to save their countries from 21st century socialism. Atlas Network’s Dr. Tom G. Palmer closed the conference by tracing a historical path towards freedom, through figures like Lao Tzu, Francisco de Vitoria, and his friend Leonard Liggio, who recently passed away.

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