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Peace, Love, & Liberty, a provocative new book of essays edited by Dr. Tom G. Palmer on the topics of peace and war to be published September 15, 2014.

War is not inevitable. But peace cannot be achieved by wishful thinking alone. This book presents the evidence regarding what fosters peace, and what disturbs it with conflict. The data demonstrate that the world can continue to grow more peaceful if we limit government and foster open trade, the rule of law, and equal rights. It takes an unflinching look at the ideologies of conflict on the hard Left and hard Right -- and presents an alternative that can be the basis of a new, smart, evidence-based Peace Movement.

Peace, Love, & Liberty is available on and is published by Jameson Books, Inc., as a co-project of and

Essays include:

  •     The Decline of War and Conceptions of Human Nature (Steven Pinker, Professor, Harvard University)
  •     The Free Trade Peace (Erik Gartzke, Associate Professor, University of California, San Diego and professor, University of Essex)
  •     The American Enlightenment’s Wariness of War (Robert M.S. McDonald, Associate Professor, United States Military Academy)
  •     The Militarization of Policing (Radley Balko, journalist, Washington Post and investigative reporter, Huffington Post)
  •     The Art of War (Sarah Skwire, author and award winning poet).

Dr. Tom G. Palmer will give the welcoming remarks on “Building the Freedom Movement Advances Peace in the World” at this year's Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner, as well as sign copies of Peace, Love, & Liberty.

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