August 15, 2014 Print

War is not inevitable. But peace cannot be achieved by wishful thinking alone. In Peace, Love, & Liberty, a publication by Atlas Network and Students for Liberty, editor Dr. Tom G. Palmer presents the evidence regarding what fosters peace, and what disturbs it with conflict. On Monday, August 18 at 10 a.m. EDT, Atlas Network Executive Vice President for International Programs Tom Palmer will speak on his latest book, Peace, Love, & Liberty during a live Atlas Leadership Academy webinar. Peace, Love, & Liberty is a series of essays edited by Dr. Palmer. The book presents how the key philosophical ideas of free markets, trade and mutual respect are making the world a safer place.

Peace, Love, & Liberty will be distributed to free market organizations and student groups around the world. During our webinar, learn how you can request your own copies of the book to share with friends and receive tips on hosting discussions on peace with your community. Attendees receive one credit with the Atlas Leadership Academy, the Atlas Network’s training and learning center for free market leaders. Find out more information and enroll in the Academy today.