July 28, 2014 Print

One-hundred and ninety-three years ago today in the city of Huacho, Peru declared its independence from the Spanish Empire with José de San Martín’s declaration: “let us be free, the rest matters not.” Today, that dream lives on as Peru continues to be a model market in Latin America, achieving monumental growth and prosperity. We at the Atlas Network would like to wish “felices fiestas patrias” (happy independence day) to the Peruvian people and especially to our partners throughout Peru, including Andes Libres, Contribuyentes por Respeto, Democracia y Desarrollo Internacional, Instituto de Libre Empresa, Instituto Invertir, Instituto Libertad y Democracia and Instituto Politico para la Libertad. May they continue to fight for a prosperous and free Peru throughout the next year. ¡Viva Peru!