September 22, 2017 Print

The winner of the Europe Think Tank Shark Tank competition is Petar Čekerevac – executive manager of Libertarian Club Libek in Serbia – for his organization’s proposed Lighthouse Outlet project to establish an online media outlet bringing together the brightest libertarian minds of Serbia. The proposed online platform will serve Serbian thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and future leaders and will give a voice to freedom loving intellectuals in the hope of ending the echo chamber of political discourse that currently exists in Serbia.

"People in Serbia are apathetic and disappointed with the current economic and political situation of the country and the failed promise of reforms,” said Čekerevac. “And when people are disappointed, apathetic or angry, they look for new ideas and approaches in politics. The Lighthouse Outlet will break through the status quo protecting media and show the way towards a society of prosperity, free of government controls of the economy and the dominance of the politicians. In the context of tabloid media, clickbait headlines and poor journalism, the Lighthouse will serve a different view on politics, economy and other topics of interest."

Studying at the University of Belgrade and University of Oslo in Norway, Čekerevac holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Relations and a Master’s degree in Peace and Conflict Studies. He’s worked at several Serbian civil society organizations as an activist, project manager, and vice-coordinator. Speaking at events throughout Serbia and the Western Balkans, his main professional and academic interests include conflict resolution, individual rights, public policy and political theory.

The other Europe Think Tank Shark Tank finalists were Ana Yerro (executive director, Institución Futuro, Spain) for her organization’s proposed educational video campaign aimed at teaching economics to Spanish students, and Roxana Nicula (co-founder and chair of the board of trustees for Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad, Spain) for her organization’s proposed pension calculator app.

Čekerevac will receive $5,000 in a project seed grant for winning the competition, and the two runners-up will be receiving $2,500 each after an impromptu anonymous donation given at the ceremony. The judges of the Europe Think Tank Shark Tank competition were Linda Edwards, of the Institute of Economic Affairs; Terry Kibbe, of Free the People; Joanna Stefanska, of Rising Tide Foundation; and Linda Whetstone, of Atlas Network.

Europe Think Tank Shark Tank is part of Atlas Network’s regional Think Tank Shark Tank Series. Competitions in 2017 have been held in Asia, Latin America, and Africa.