November 29, 2018 Print

Thank you for making this year’s Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner Atlas Network’s largest ever!  In total, over 480 partners, sponsors, and allies representing 55 countries participated in Liberty Forum, which brings together worldwide freedom champions to exchange ideas and share strategies.  Additionally, over 700 individuals attended the Freedom Dinner celebration aboard the Intrepid Air & Space Museum.  Participants ventured from across the globe — from Belarus to Venezuela; Australia to Egypt; Lithuania to Zimbabwe — as well as the United States, to be a part of this meaningful event.  While many experienced long and arduous travels, they left with the knowledge, relationships, and inspiration necessary to carry out and expand upon their organizations’ work within their home countries.  

Ayelén Scapuzzi Serra (Buenos Aires, Argentina )

Did you have any interesting travel experiences on your journey?

"My plan was to enjoy my last (and only free) day in Europe and then take a train overnight to the Dusseldorf airport that would drop me there near my departure time to NYC, but I could not get an overnight ticket, so I had to travel the previous afternoon. I arrived at the airport 7 hours before the departure of the flight. So I decided to have dinner and stay at the airport. I fell asleep after reading for a while, and at 2 AM I woke up; I saw the clock, there were still several hours left for my flight. I went back to sleep. After a while, I woke up again and it was still 2 AM! I was very confused. It took me more than 15 minutes to figure out that just at 3 AM the clock in Germany was delayed one hour (daylight saving time). It was 2 AM again! In Argentina we do not do that, I had no experience in the matter. I had to wait an extra hour to check in for my flight!" 
Travel time: 15 hours (including a layover in Panama)

Deependra Chamlagain (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Why was it important for your organization to participate in this year's Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner? 

"It is always very important to participate in Liberty Forum; for it is an opportunity to meet and renew our relationships with great people in the movement and to learn from other like-minded organizations while sharing the work we've been doing with others."
Travel time: 20 hours + 3-hour layover in Qatar



Rocio Guijarro (Caracas, Venezuela)

Why was it important for your organization to participate in this year's Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner?

“It is always important for Cedice Libertad to participate in the LFFD, we learn a lot, we have great relationships with colleagues, donors, new things are discovered and Freedom is the center of everything. We are very grateful to Atlas Network for inviting me and appreciating the great work they do and be able to transmit when I return to my country everything learned in these events.”
Travel time: 8 hours (including a layover in Panama


Nouh El Harmouzi (Rabat, Morocco)

What was the most valuable thing that you learned at the forum?  

"That we are not alone facing challenges to promote liberty, everybody else's experiences in their respective countries show that the struggle is the same."
Travel time: 14 hours + layover in Paris