July 29, 2014 Print

Poland’s Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation is spreading liberty in several languages with its Liberty English Camp, which took place earlier this year in the Republic of Malta. This was the first time the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation organized an event outside Poland, and it did so with the Language of Liberty Institute as a response to many requests from students at previous camps. The Camp gathered 48 people from 13 countries. The Camp combined lectures, discussions and workshops as speakers presented various topics such as the roots of classical liberalism, the success story of Estonian reforms and revolution in the era of Internet. Guest speakers included Michael Marbot (founder of pasta company MALMA), Matthew Tyrmand (long-time Wall Street investor) and Thomas Kenworthy, free-banking activist from Norway. Jacek Spendel, president of the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation said that during the week-long camp, students also worked in groups to discuss and develop proposals to support civil society. Proposals included helping market-based water distribution in Africa and encouraging election turnout. To see photos from the event, click here.