June 2, 2014 Print

With summer temperatures set to soar, the demand for electricity in Pakistan goes even higher, and in the current energy crisis of Pakistan, a solution must be found quickly. Ali Salman of PRIME, a public policy think tank in Pakistan, proposes net metering, “a service whereby the electricity generated by the electric consumer and delivered to the local distribution company may be used to offset electric energy provided”. Net metering is an incentive for private individuals to “generate solar power and sell it to the national grid.” This would help alleviate the problems that Pakistan’s national energy grid is currently experiencing. It’s incredibly inexpensive - in fact, Salman says, it is “the least expensive as compared to other options”, requiring only the solar panel and the meters. Salman calls for quick action by the government to allow for net metering and solar power amongst private citizen producers to alleviate the electrical starve in Pakistan. To read more about the solution, click here.