July 10, 2017 Print

Private healthcare practices are picking up media attention in India as the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR), an Atlas Network partner based in Kochi, released a study highlighting the preference of private healthcare institutions to public ones.

Private options are often tossed to the side in India (and in many other nations) because the government pushes out its competition in the market through subsidization. This ends up leaving fewer options available for the consumer.

“The freedom to choose is a fundamental right,” said CPPR Chairman Dharmarajan Dhanuraj. “Any attempt to curtail this fundamental right is a threat to the life, liberty, and rule of law.”

CPPR’s study showed three reasons why people prefer private hospitals to public hospitals. First, the private institutions provide advanced medical care in one centralized location, making it easier on patients to get the care they need. Second, many private hospitals are accessible from both rural and urban areas, which is not always the case for publicly run practices. Finally, private hospitals are found to have a more welcoming environment and kinder staff.

In its fight to spread knowledge and awareness, CPPR has provided high quality studies across the board, ranging in issues from prohibition in India to economic reform. These working papers provide innovative policy solutions to promote entrepreneurship in India.

“The study reaffirms the role played by the private healthcare facilities in the overall improvement of the healthcare and the achievements in the sector,” added Dhanuraj. “It also leads to the reality check on the government policies in the sector.”