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The 2017 class of Project Arizona poses for a picture in front of Monument Valley.

Bringing conceptual understanding of classical liberal philosophy into practical application in society is a difficult task, especially for those in nations that have lower levels of economic and personal freedom. Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation (FEF), an Atlas Network partner based in Poland, has successfully bridged that gap with Project Arizona.

Project Arizona brings promising young people from around the world to Arizona to participate in a three-month program consisting of an internship, courses at Arizona State University’s Center for Political Leadership and Thought, and a variety of other professional development events. Through the project, FEF has fostered tremendous growth in young leaders, allowing them to return to their homeland with new skills and a positive outlook on the advancement of freedom.

Project Arizona participants engage in many networking events and business meetings.

“We ignite social change of pro-freedom nature by exposing these young international leaders to a completely new environment,” said Jacek Spendel, founder of FEF and director of Project Arizona. “Our purpose is to show them that ideas [they believe strongly in] do not need to be only passages in their favorite books. In Arizona they observe liberty applied. The unique combination of interning-learning-networking-volunteering gives a holistic approach which equips our leaders with new knowledge, skills, and tools that they can use after they return home.”

One aspect of Project Arizona is attending courses taught at Arizona State University.

The most recent alumni of Project Arizona (2017) have exemplified the beneficial impact the program has on its participants. Myroslava Lohvynenko from Ukraine said this about his experience, “When I came back [home], I shared my experiences and new knowledge as widely as I could. My aim was to show people that there is another way of thinking and [advancing] the country.” Another alumnus, Łukasz Jakacki, will be establishing his own think tank next year to translate philosophical and economic texts from English to Polish. Two alumni, Mateusz Błaszczyk and Tomasz Pułról were so inspired by Project Arizona that they are now working on a book that describes the spirit of liberty in Arizona and what everyone can learn from it.

Project Arizona is currently in the fundraising process for their 2018 class. The six students who have been selected for the 2018 class have gone through an extensive application process, proving to FEF that they have the experience and mindset needed to succeed in the program. To learn more about the participants themselves and offer them support, visit the Raise Me to the Top website. Project Arizona provides offers a meaningful professional experience that helps to create the world’s next champions of liberty.

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