May 15, 2017 Print

ECPPS conference on "Freedom of Information Circulation and News Embargo" in April 2017

World Press Freedom Day, observed this year on May 3, was established by the United Nations to call attention to the importance of freedom of expression throughout the world. To commemorate World Press Freedom Day in Egypt, the Egyptian Center for Public Policy Studies (ECPPS) shared how its team has been monitoring media treatment by the government in Egypt and advocating for increased press freedom. The organization’s work includes published studies monitoring violations committed against journalists and monthly public meetings discussing issues related to freedom of media and press.

“Many people take the right to speak, criticize the government, and provide different solutions for granted,” said Mahmoud Farouk, executive director of ECPPS. “However, this is not the case in Egypt; the current regime in Egypt believes that freedoms (like freedom of speech and media) are a real threat for the country’s stability and future.”

Advocacy and Legal Research departments meet with MP Youssef El Kaeed in March 2017

The extensive multilevel work ECCPS has devoted to maximizing free expression in Egypt also includes advocacy meetings with decision makers, and practical events like capacity building trainings and workshops for lawyers and MP staffers designed to raise their awareness about the importance of freedom for media and the press.

Ulltimately, ECPPS aims to reform all legislation that could be used to restrict the ability of journalists to function independently in their crucial role as a check on government power.