August 9, 2017 Print

Photo: Australian Taxpayers' Alliance

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance, a Sydney-based Atlas Network partner, is working to promote prosperity in Australia by using a “pub test” video series to get people talking about ideas of liberty.

The Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance is taking topics that regular people would talk about with each other down at the pub and creating a video series called The Pub Test, which features a panel of young presenters who share a drink and discuss current events in Australia.

Watch The Pub Test episodes here.

With over 15,000 views and 1,400 likes, The Pub Test is currently on episode four with a range of topics from a plastic bag ban to Uber regulations. Each topic is discussed in an easy-to-follow manner and features presenters who support small government and individual liberty.

“We need to reach out to and engage with regular Australians to achieve real change,” explained Executive Director Tim Andrews. “We hope that The Pub Test will resonate strongly with this audience and benefit from the lack of competition in the media marketplace to quickly become one of Australia’s most watched web shows.”