December 18, 2018 Print

John Stossel, Gloria Álvarez, and ReasonTV are back to dispel facts from the fiction of socialism with their latest release Socialism Leads to Violence. 

Socialism Leads to Violence: a look at violent outbreaks in socialist countries. 

Álvarez starts the video by asking why socialism, which is “responsible for 100 million deaths," remains popular. Violent outbursts are not the exception, but the natural outcome of socialism. Álvarez explains, "socialism means giving absolute power to the state.” This absolute power means that individuals lose their ability to own property, run businesses, and trade with others. This turns would-be entrepreneurs into criminals.

Ibis Valdez, a Cuban-American, told the story of how her father was a political prisoner for a decade. His crime? Selling soaps and perfumes in his 20’s and refusing to turn over the entirety of his profits to the government. When citizens rebel against government controls, the state uses violence to discourage it.  

This results in throwing people in prison — like the case of Valdez’s father — using violence against protesters and even threatening those in power who refuse to comply with the punishment of civilians. Marco Novoa told his experience of being tortured due to his participation in a protest against government oppression in Nicaragua. Police threw him to the floor and beat him while trying to get more information on the organizers of the event.

Even politicians feel the pressure to follow the whims of the government or face the consequences. Ramón Muchacho was a mayor in the Chacao district of Caracas, Venezuela. He faced pressure from the government and recalls phone calls from the Minister of Internal Affairs requesting Muchacho use the police force against protesters. Eventually, Muchacho fled the country as a result of his refusal to go along with government violence.

This video is a follow-up from the previous release entitled: Socialism Fails Every Time. In this video, Stossel and Álvarez compare socialist countries in Latin America to the supposed success of socialism in the Nordic countries. In combination, these videos — Socialism Fails Every Time and Socialism Leads to Violence — help to dispel the myths of a socialist paradise that its proponents sell. The truth is that socialism always fails, and when it does violence ensues.

Socialism Fails Every Time: People who fled Cuba and Venezuela warn Americans not to embrace socialism.

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