October 14, 2015 Print

Leonard Liggio and Atlas Network President Brad Lips

As a scholar, as a gentlemen, and — perhaps most of all — as a behind-the-scenes builder of the freedom movement, the late Leonard Liggio, Atlas Network’s long-time executive vice president of academics, set an inspiring example for us to emulate. Today marks one year since his passing.

Leonard’s career advancing liberty spanned seven decades, during which time he served as president of the Mont Pelerin Society, the Philadelphia Society, and the Institute for Humane Studies, where he later continued to serve as a distinguished senior scholar. He was a professor at George Mason University, a visiting professor at Universidad Francisco Marroquín, a board member of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and a trustee of Liberty Fund.

Atlas Network President Alex Chafuen and the late John Blundell, former Atlas Network president, once wrote that, if Nobel laureate economist Friedrich A. Hayek was the great architect of the revival of classical liberalism, then Leonard had been its “great builder, building a worldwide movement ... one career at a time.” 

To ensure that the new freedom champions of today — and tomorrow — appreciate Leonard’s many contributions, Atlas Network established the Liggio Lecture Series in 2013 as a central part of its annual Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner, one of the freedom movement’s must-attend international events. The 2015 Liggio Lecture will be presented on Nov. 12 by Randy Barnett, the Cormack Waterhouse professor of legal theory at Georgetown University Law Center.

View Leonard’s portfolio and read tributes in his honor on leonardliggio.org.