April 6, 2021 Print

Dmytro Lyvch is project manager & head of analytics at EasyBusiness, a leading public policy advisory organization that works to build a better business-enabling climate in Ukraine. The free-market think tank grew out of work being done by advisors to the Economy Minister to use deregulation as a tool to stamp out corruption in the country in 2014, and its impact has gradually grown as it works to liberalize the economy since Ukraine's Revolution of Dignity.

Dive further into EasyBusiness' work to end the moratorium on selling farmland in Ukraine, which successfully restored the rights of six million Ukrainian landowners, which includes 80-year-old Viktor Tsytsyura, who sued Ukraine in the European Court of Human Rights—and won. The market will open on July 1, 2021 after a twenty-year ban on selling agricultural land.