December 28, 2017 Print

Interested in seeing some of the leading lights of the free-market movement talk about their life’s work and the ideas that get them fired up in the morning, all in an intimate interview setting? You can do just that if you watch The World Show: The Free Markets Series in partnership with Montreal Economic Institute (Institut Economique de Montreal) and broadcast on PBS Affiliate stations.

The 4th season of The Free Markets Series is hitting the airwaves as we speak. From late December 2017 to early February 2018, the show brings six highly respected thinkers and doers to PBS audiences across the United States and Canada.

The Season 4 guests are:

What unites all of these guests is their dedication to advancing free-market ideas and sound public policies, be it through the use of videos, social media, policy papers, classroom education, or political participation. What also comes through in each of these half-hour episodes is a deep passion for improving society, to the benefit of everyone.

Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips appears on Season 3 of The Free Markets Series.

The World Show: The Free Markets Series is hosted by Bob Scully, a talented interviewer who was named Person of the Year in 2012 by American Public Television. The show can reach over one million viewers per episode, on 300 stations across North America, including in 9 of the top 10 US markets. It introduces some of the important ideas underlying free markets to PBS audiences that might otherwise have little exposure to these ideas.

Watch Season 4 of The Free Markets Series on your local PBS station! And for even more of the same kind of stimulating programming, check out previous seasons of the show featuring such guests as Steve Forbes, John Allison, Charles Murray, Ruth Richardson, John Stossel, and many more, on the dedicated series web library at:

Learn more about the Free Markets series by The World Show and MEI.