March 17, 2020 Print

“How do government policies impact everyday Canadians?” That’s the question that, an organization based in Saskatchewan, is exploring. Through a series of videos and articles on, they are revealing the ways government-run healthcare, energy, and business regulations are negatively impacting millions of Canadians.

“There are many great think tanks in Canada that are conducting macro analysis into various areas of public policy—and that’s very important,” noted President Colin Craig. “But it's also important to look at the micro side of public policies—what are the stories behind the numbers? How are everyday people affected?” was created to use storytelling as a vehicle to communicate public policy research to Canadians in order to help them understand how obscure government decisions directly affect them. Since its launch in February 2019, more than four hundred thousand people have viewed’s content. Their unique approach to public outreach has also received attention from a variety of other organizations, including the Pacific Research Institute and the Independent Women’s Forum.

One of their videos, titled Oil in the Classroom, has received special attention from teachers and business leaders. In it, they examine all of the products in an average school classroom that are made with oil or an oil byproduct to explain the costs caused by excessive environmental regulations to students and teachers. Several teachers approached about the possibility of showing Oil in the Classroom to their students as a compelling way to explain the importance of the industry on their everyday lives. 

In a nation with cumbersome energy regulations that can raise the price on oil and oil byproducts,’s work to reveal the impact of these policies on ordinary people is changing the way Canadians view big government policies. has received grant support from Atlas Network.