September 11, 2017 Print

Photo credit: SFL Charter Teams

Students for Liberty — Philippines held its inaugural Students for Liberty — Philippines conference on July 21-22, educating more than 60 people from local universities on SFL’s core ideas of individual liberties and free markets. Speakers included Nonoy Oplas, president of Minimal Government Thinkers, Inc.; former German MP Markus Löning; and Juli Minoves i Triquell, an Andorran diplomat, author, and the president of Liberal International.

“This gathering truly was a silver lining on the horizon that the country so direly needs, especially in view of recent attempts by the Duterte administration to scale up their already rampant authoritarianism,” wrote Daniel Issing, charter teams associate at SFL.

Photo credit: Imantaka Nugraha

The theme "live freely, live fully" was about focusing on ways to find and live with freedom, and the speakers focused on both theoretical and practical things to think about and act on in this modern world of regulations and barriers that hinder human progress.

The attendees, most between the ages of 19-22, included a mix of students and interns from organizations such as the Foundation for Economic Freedom, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, and others.