November 5, 2014 Print

Atlas Network and the Foundation for Economic Education will host a breakfast discussion on sound money with Dr. Judy Shelton and Seth Lipsky. Atlas Network launched The Sound Money Project in 2009, which advocates for refining and promoting sound money principles with relevance to the world’s current challenges through experts, publications and events. Dr. Shelton has set forth 10 core principles of Sound Money, including constitutionality, consistency in worth, and limited government intervention.

The Hill recently ran an op-ed by Dr. Shelton. She states how the new Chairwoman of Federal Reserve, Janet Yellen, fails to acknowledge the Fed’s own culpability in widening income inequality. Dr. Shelton says, “It’s unbecoming to preach the virtues of equality of opportunity when Americans see only too well who most benefits from monetary favoritism and who is most punished by the inequality of access to vital financial capital.”

The Sound Money Breakfast will be on the last day of Liberty Forum. Attendance is included with a Liberty Forum ticket, but be sure to indicate if you will be attending the breakfast when you buy your ticket.

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