May 1, 2020 Print

Instituto Acton, an Atlas Network partner based in Argentina, is offering a range of online courses to provide a Spanish-speaking audience with online lectures, conferences, and courses that focus on the connections between liberty, philosophy, and religion. 

“Raíces de la Filosofía Occidental: Desde los griegos hasta la Edad Media” (Roots of Western Philosophy: From the Greeks to the Middle Ages) is a four-part weekly seminar that begins Thursday, April 30. These seminars will trace the history of major philosophical themes in the Western world, such as democracy and property rights.

“Cátedra Acton” is an annual series of conferences designed to engage the general public with the ideas of liberty and markets and how they intersect with the Christian faith. For the program’s fourth year, the conferences will all be accessible through Zoom. 

Instituto Acton’s online Poverty University showcases their series of Poverty, Inc. and PovertyCure videos that examine how free markets and individual freedoms are the best solutions to homelessness, starvation, and indigence.

For a full list of online programs, lectures, and conferences that Instituto Acton is providing in Spanish, please visit the programs section of their website or contact Instituto Acton at