October 11, 2018 Print

Free the People is using movies and beer communicate the ideas of freedom. The new film, Beer Is Freedom: When Hops Cross Borders tells the journey of how two brewers across the globe worked together in order to create a joint microbrew called Flying Dogma.

“[This film] illustrates the benefits of international trade and cooperation through a real life story resulting in an actual, tangible product that you can see, hold, and taste,” said Matt Kibbe, president and chief community organizer at Free the People. “As the United States enters an era of increased protectionism and hostility towards foreign relations, the film shows that trade is not about governments or corporations, but people. This is particularly important for people to understand as new tariffs affect our economic relations with Europe and Asia.”

Free the People consistently uses film and other forms of media to reach a wider audience with the ideas of limited government and economic freedom.

“Free the People is in a unique position to influence public opinion on issues like free trade, having eschewed the traditional charts, graphs, and talking heads that have dominated free-market content for decades,” said Kibbe. “Instead, we're telling human stories of inspiration, aspiration, hard work, and success. Craft beer is a particularly attractive subject to explore, because it's something everyone can understand and relate to with no need for a sophisticated understanding of economic theory.”

Matt Kibbe is a prior attendee of Atlas Network’s Lights, Camera, Liberty workshop.