September 20, 2017 Print

Nonprofit think tanks are dependent upon the generous support of donors to accomplish their mission. It can be very challenging for think tanks to identify, cultivate, and successfully pitch high-level donors —the type of donors who will invest in the think tank’s vision and provide the transformational gifts that could help create real impact.

“If you are pitching programs, stop!,” wrote Michael Carnuccio, president and CEO of the E Foundation for Oklahoma, in an email conversation with Atlas Network in advance of an upcoming Atlas Leadership Academy training. “Major donors don’t give to programmatic activity. What moves them is something bigger and more specific to what moves you every day. Don’t fall in the trap of starting and stopping programs to chase donors and dollars. Start shouting from the rooftop WHY you do what you do.”

In this upcoming webinar about strategies for growing your organization's donations through major gifts, Carnuccio will share his time-tested strategies for effectively cultivating supporters of your work.

The E Foundation for Oklahoma is a multi-million dollar, vision-based, non-profit organization operating the donor-owner model of strategic planning and leveraged investment in public policy. Carnuccio specializes in connecting inspired philanthropists with ideas and organizations that can make a difference, and in this webinar, he’ll share all he’s learned, from identifying potential supporters, to cultivating a relationship, preparing a pitch, and closing the ask.

“What if I told you, right now, you already have the dollars in your budget and opportunities around you to not just get in front of major donors, but make an instant connection and have a face-to-face meeting to make your pitch?,” continued Carnuccio. “The most successful non-profit executives do this every week to cultivate significant support, and you can too!”

In the webinar, Carnuccio will show attendees how to start the development process and measure progress from contacts through conversions into realized, tangible gains for the organization.

Register here for the webinar, on Thurs., Sept. 28 at 10:00 a.m. ET.