June 26, 2014 Print

Changes are fermenting in the landlocked, English-speaking Republic of Malawi. The longstanding command economy of Malawi controls currency values, dictates prices of goods and services, and subsidizes maize, tobacco, and other crops which form the bedrock of Malawi’s economy. The country’s enormous youth population is feeling slighted by a system that has slowed economic development, innovation and competition. New entrepreneurs, the engines of a healthy marketplace, are in short supply because Malawians fear they will be unable to score any profit in a rigged game. Several bright, optimistic youth have formed Students for Liberty Malawi, (SFL) which has become the vanguard in the fight for a free economy. SFL Malawi is identifying potential allies in the policy-making process who would also like to move Malawi out of a centrally planned economy and help the country achieve its full economic potential. Furthermore, SFL Malawi is engaging with universities and high schools around the country, identifying future leaders and teaching them principles of free trade, limited government, and the opportunities presented by globalization. This long-term strategy will ensure that the next generation of policy makers and think tank leaders can influence the direction of their country towards more freedom for all.