September 15, 2015 Print

The ideas of liberty are taking root among the students of Vietnam, thanks to Atlas Network partner, a Vietnamese-language platform offering reviews and commentary on the critical issues affecting Vietnam and its future. In July, teamed with the Viet Nam Institute for Economic and Policy Research for a summer school titled “The Foundation of the Market Economy.” Held in the Thai Nguyen province, this was the fifth consecutive year that they have held the course.

The four-day program brought together 30 students from several universities both in Vietnam and abroad, to learn more about economic history and the philosophical foundations and moral basis of a market economy. Instructors encouraged students to think objectively and critically about economic and social issues, and about the role of classical liberalism in arts.

“On the last day, students were divided into five groups, chose and presented topics of their choice related to the application of the market economy based on what they learnt,” reported. “Through presentations and debate of five groups and with the instructors’ help, the students showed that they understood the foundation of market economy and developed critical thinking.”

The presentation and debate topics ranged through such varied choices as whether ridesharing models like Uber can replace traditional taxis, whether Vietnam should legalize prostitution, whether the state should regulate the watermelon market, and much more.

"The outcome of the trip is out of my expectation,” Academy of Finance student Nguyen Thi Thien Trang wrote about his experience. “I have met very nice friends, professional lecturers, and caring organizers. Thanks Summer School for providing me LIBERAL lessons not only in economics but also in ARTS. I felt I am fully filled with knowledge, friendship, and love.”

Learn more about’s summer school program. (Link in Vietnamese.)