October 13, 2020 Print

The platform economy in Sweden is a virtual labor market that connects various firms to provide services and goods.  “In its broadest sense, it can be defined as economic activity facilitated by technology”, said the founder and CEO of Free Trade Europa Glen Hodgson. Thus, the platform economy in Sweden allows for a widespread influx of individual choice and control in the market. However, many citizens of Sweden are unaware of the degree to which it increases economic freedom. 

With the platform economy becoming increasingly popular in Sweden, Free Trade Europa produced an extensive 55+ page research paper to end confusion about it. Sweden’s Free Trade Europa launched their Nordic Disruption: Analysing and Quantifying the Platform Economy in Sweden report that contains an innovative analysis that guides citizens towards economic prosperity and a more individualized market. “People were using the terms ‘platform economy’, ‘sharing economy’ and ‘gig economy’ without understanding what it was. We decided to make this more real,” explained Hodgson.

Free Trade Europa’s report provides background and defines the platform economy to increase public understanding. “This term covers the increasing number of platforms which bring people together to provide services as well as sell and share goods,” continued Hogson. “Such platforms are typically online matchmakers or technology frameworks which link supply and demand. These platforms do not own the means of production, but they create the means of connection.”

The report shows that the platform economy is a vital virtual resource that will help increase action in the labor market while staying socially responsible during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

This project was supported by Atlas Network with a grant.