July 2, 2014 Print

Earlier this week, European Students for Liberty, an Atlas Network partner, published a piece in The Huffington Post Germany explaining the misguided logic behind the anti-rideshare movement that has recently exploded in cities across the globe. In the article titled “The taxi monopoly is a thing of the past,” Frederik Roeder explains how earlier this month, when hundreds of taxis lined the streets of Berlin in protest of Uber and other rideshare companies, Students for Liberty was there, waiting to counter-protest in defense of market competition. In a later article, exclusive to AtlasOne, Roeder explains that the taxi industry must learn to compete within the market, but the exact opposite has occurred and “the Berlin Taxi Guild recently raised fixed rates by almost 7 percent,” and has also called for increased protectionism within the industry. As the article notes, the protectionist measures for which taxi drivers are calling are economically counter-intuitive; Roeder asks, “would Burger King halt selling Whoppers for a day to protest a new McDonald’s chicken sandwich?” The vision of the Atlas Network is that of a free, prosperous and peaceful world where limited governments defend the rule of law, private property and free markets. We applaud Frederik Roeder and the European Students for Liberty who continue to fight for that vision and stand against those who oppose it.