April 15, 2019 Print

Asociación de Contribuyentes del Peru launched a tax calculator for Peruvian taxpayers last month. This tool makes it possible for Peruvians to calculate and track how much of their money is going to taxes and see exactly how the government is spending it. In the future, Asociación de Contribuyentes del Peru hopes to expand the calculator to include small- and medium-sized enterprises. Already the calculator has gotten the attention of SUNAT—Peru’s tax collection agency—which is interested in building a partnership to better inform the project.

With an organizational goal of helping to make publicly funded projects more efficient, this calculator is a perfect fit.

“We wanted to raise awareness of the weight on the income that each worker bears, as well as quantifying the final destination of those resources in the different activities that the state performs (education, health, security, infrastructure, among others),” says José Ignacio Beteta, the president of Asociación de Contribuyentes del Peru. “This simple tool is a way to make Peruvian taxpayers reflect on how the state doesn't have money—it only manages citizens’ money.”

Increasing taxpayer awareness in Peru is off to a great start, with over 3,000 users in the first couple of weeks. Beteta believes that there is more work to be done.

“In Peru, it is still necessary to promote awareness for the contribution of citizens on the public budget, and to increase opportunities for civil action in favor of efficiency in the use of public resources and better public policies,” he says. “This type of project should be part of a continuous and consistent work over time that progressively increases the initiative of citizens to defend their right to better public goods and services.”

Taxpayer calculators have also been designed by our partners in Lithuania.