July 12, 2018 Print

Many Atlas Network partners fight bureaucracies at home, but few target the international bureaucratic machine. The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) has recently launched International Governmental Organization (IGO) Watch, a coalition of pro-liberty non-profit groups demanding more accountability and transparency from global bureaucracies such as the European Union, International Labour Organization (ILO), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), United Nations (UN), and World Health Organization (WHO), among others.

"Intergovernmental organisations take billions of taxpayer dollars that are often wasted or used to lobby for anti-liberty policies like higher taxes, more regulations, and an increased nanny state," said Tim Andrews, senior international fellow at TPA. "IGOWatch will hold these groups accountable through research, writing, social media, and grassroots activism."

TPA currently has 20 international partners and seeks further support for the coalition. TPA works with taxpayer and free-market groups from around the world to expose the wasteful spending, burdensome regulations, and lack of transparency that plague IGOs.

Joining the coalition is free and requires no time commitment. In addition, TPA is looking for a number of regional coordinators to assist in finding and sharing information. Regional coordinators will be granted a small stipend for their work. 

Please email tim@protectingtaxpayers.org if you are interested, and for more information visit IGOWatch's website.