May 15, 2017 Print

Life in Palestine is fraught with regional tension, but many young people are learning the value of tolerance and reconciliation, as well as practical communications and entrepreneurial skills that can help them build better lives. Pal-Think For Strategic Studies, an Atlas Network partner based in Gaza, sponsors an ongoing program for youth to learn how to engage effectively with markets and civil society in Palestine.

A recent event, held in April, organized a panel discussion of Palestinian author and poet Hussein Barghouti, who was educated at the University of Washington in Seattle and chronicled his experiences abroad in contrast with his thoughts about the political and cultural conflicts at home.

A workshop in February brought 25 young men and women together to learn communication skills that will allow them to speak more effectively about their individual needs and perspectives through substantive policy dialogue, as well as helping them navigate trade and business opportunities. Another forum in December included participation Pal-Think’s Youth Coalition for Reconciliation and Tolerance and the Deirna Youth Team for a contemplative evening titled “Amidst the Dew Drops.”

Throughout the past year, Pal-Think has held entrepreneurial workshops for young people, with practical training on how to start new businesses, competitions for new business plan proposals, field visits by Pal-Think mentors to provide feedback on new ventures, funding sessions with lending institutions, investment seminars, and much more.