June 27, 2014 Print

The Institute of Economic and Social Studies (INESS), an Atlas Network partner, just released the English version of The 2014 Universe of Public Expenditures, a poster with a graphical representation of all public expenditures financed by taxes and contributions in the state of Slovakia. The highly detailed graphic allows citizens to easily understand the relationships among the individual items of public administration. It is a useful aid in illuminating the basic financial flows between citizen and state as well as among individual state institutions. The relative level of expenditure in each field is reflected in the sizes of the circles, making it possible to easily see which specific areas of government have received the most taxpayer money. In addition to providing budget numbers for the current year, The 2014 Universe of Public Expenditures poster shows year-by-year changes in individual expenditures, thus demonstrating the trends in priorities of the government. The poster also contains information about public revenues and public debt. It is accessible to read in English, Slovak or to order as a high quality laminated paper poster from INESS. The Universe of Public Expenditures is a visual feature at The Price of the State, an open-source online project tracking public debt per capita in Slovakia. Learn how you can replicate this program in your area in our archived webinar featuring Dr. Richard Durana of INESS.