July 27, 2017 Print

Atlas Network has more than 475 partners in over 90 countries working diligently to lower barriers to freedom and prosperity. Their stories of successes and challenges are a reminder to not take freedom for granted, to be prepared to sacrifice for it, and to dream big about what can be accomplished for freedom – because big change has happened before.

“We get to implement the most effective strategy there is, for aiding the most important cause in the world," said Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips at an event in New York City on July 13. “The people we work with are awe-inspiring.”

Lips spoke to a crowd of more than 50 people at the “Defeating the Big Government Goliath” event about the people around the world who are the “Davids” who have decided to take on the “Goliaths” of their societies.

People like Mohammad Ramizpoor, founder of the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization, who is helping to run programs on entrepreneurship, trade, and tolerance in Afghanistan.

People like Gisele Dutheil and Donatien Adou, of Audace Institut Afrique, who are advancing property rights in the Ivory Coast by working with local tribal leaders toward bottom-up solutions.

People like Nouh El-Harmouzi, who is building a movement for classical liberal youth in North Africa and the Middle East.

People like those on the staff of CEDICE in Venezuela, who are supplying the intellectual ammunition to the opposition movement and preparing for the day when change is possible — to improve the odds that what comes next creates the foundation for lasting prosperity. 

“No matter how resource rich a country might be, the wrong ideas can drive it into the ground,” Lips continued. “In Venezuela, we see heart-breaking shortages, we see hyper-inflation, we see gruesome images from their medical facilities, and of course, we see the violence that the current regime wages against its own people.”

Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips speaking at the "Defeating the Big Government Goliath" event on July 13 in New York City.

“The great message that Atlas Network brings is this: If you care about human rights and dignity, if you can about people all over the world, if you worry about poverty, there is something constructive you can do,” Lips concluded.

See photos from the event here.