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London is a historic and vibrant city that has been repeatedly ranked as one of the world’s top destinations for both business and leisure travel. It was the top-ranked international travel destination for the fifth time in seven years, hosting 18.82 million visitors, according to the 2015 MasterCard Global Destinations Cities Index

If you are traveling to London for your next vacation or business trip, be sure to stay plugged into the freedom movement from the moment you step off the plane by following some of our top London partners and their work. Atlas Network has 17 partners in the United Kingdom working for the advancement of freedom, 15 of which are in London — including these three:

The Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA), the “grand-daddy” think tank to Atlas Network, recently celebrated its 60th anniversary. It is the United Kingdom’s original free-market think tank, founded in 1955 with the mission of improving understanding of the fundamental institutions of a free society by analyzing and expounding the role of markets in solving economic and social problems.

The IEA recently published Classical Liberalism: A Primer, which aims to return classical liberalism to its proper place in the worldwide history of ideas.

To see more of its recent work, follow IEA on Facebook and Twitter

The TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA) won Atlas Network’s prestigious $100,000 Templeton Freedom Award in 2013 for its 2020 Tax Commission and “The Single Income Tax” report, tackling key reforms for the world’s longest tax code. TPA stands up for ordinary taxpayers fed up with government waste, increasing taxation, and lack of transparency at all levels of British government through research and public awareness campaigns. TPA is also well known for its “Town Hall Rich List,” highlighting pay levels for executive public employees.

TPA’s Chief Executive Jonathan Isaby won Atlas Network’s 2014 John Blundell Elevator Pitch competition for his stirring 60-second pitch about the four ways in which money gets spent and how, ultimately, people should be able to spend their own money on themselves. 

Keep up with its current efforts by following TPA on Facebook and Twitter.

Network for a Free Society, chaired by Atlas Network Board Member Linda Whetstone, works to encourage opportunity and prosperity by promoting an understanding of the principles and foundations of a free and responsible society: limited government, the rule of law, the protection of private property, free markets, and free speech. Network for a Free Society promotes these ideas by distributing texts that explore and explain them. 

Network for Free Society recently helped sponsor the 2015 Essay Competition for African Students, in collaboration with The Nation Newspaper (Nigeria) and African Liberty Organization for Development. Students were asked to discuss the topic of government regulations and controls as a threat to jobs in Africa today. The winner, George Ayittey of Nigeria, will receive a $1,000 prize and full scholarship to African Liberty and Language of Liberty Entrepreneurship Camp (SYPALA) at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology in Kenya. 

One of the organization’s main projects is a mini library of freedom oriented texts called Ideas for a Free Society. The library includes texts from Eamonn Butler, Lawrence Reed, Tom Palmer, John Stuart Mill, and many more.

Check out this video featuring Whetstone, daughter of Atlas Network’s founder Sir Antony Fisher. She reflects on his legacy and commitment to the battle of ideas for freedom.

These organizations are only three of the 17 independent UK-based Atlas Network partners. To learn more about Atlas Network’s more than 450 partners in over 90 countries, check out the Atlas Network global directory here and to learn about events hosted by our partners, check out the Global Calendar of Events here