September 8, 2017 Print

Think Freely Media, an Atlas Network partner in Washington, D.C., is taking a different approach to health care with its small video series “How Health Care Should Be”.

Think Freely Media is committed to effectively messaging and marketing ideas that promote individual freedoms and free-market ideas,” said Vice President of Operations Gwen Beattie.  “To test a proof of concept for how we can better message ‘liberty,’ we chose to produce ‘How Healthcare Should Be’ – a series of three videos highlighting the benefits of direct primary care.  We believe health care to be an area of opportunity for us to have impact and staff resources and expertise lead us to focus on direct primary care.”

Think Freely Media is using its videos to showcase the real people affected by the political class’s bickering and how medical professionals have decided that “enough is enough.” Some medical professionals are working to bring people health care by sidestepping the insurance system and introducing free-market forces back to the industry.

Think Freely Media’s website also includes other resources such as information about Direct Primary Care and a place to share one's own story.