May 29, 2014 Print

Did you just start a new job or an internship? Or are you looking for a new way to approach the same job you’ve had for a while? Then you should check out this new article Working for liberty: Think like a start-up and turn your first (or new) job into a rewarding career by Matt Warner, Atlas Network’s vice president of programs and institute relations. In the article he offers ten tips to turn that new job into a rewarding career. And he frames it all up by using a key principle of economics: comparative advantage.

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Here are the ten tips: 

  1. Think like a start-up
  2. Reinvest your profits
  3. Audition for new responsibilities 
  4. Create demand for your labor
  5. Spend your time wisely
  6. Focus on solutions
  7. Perform quality control
  8. Be independent
  9. Focus on others

Prepare to lead This article is part of the “Roadmaps” Series of articles that offers best-practices, case-studies and inspirational tips for Intellectual Entrepreneurs within the Atlas Network. “Roadmaps” is a part of Atlas Network’s training program: Atlas Leadership Academy.