October 21, 2014 Print

The Lights, Camera, Liberty! program is a grant and training opportunity that Atlas Network offers to U.S. and international partners, helping organizations transform the way they market messages through online video. This year’s winner will be announced at Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner, November 12-13, 2014. The three finalists for 2014 are the Lithuanian Free Market Institute, Mercatus Center and Illinois Policy Institute:

  • Lithuanian Free Market Institute: The Real Missing Part
    This is a spoof of European Commission video that tried to persuade people they were being robbed by tax evasion and fraud and the commission was hard at work trying to stop it. LFMI's version shows how much of people's budgets are taken for government. The video was picked up by third largest newspaper in Lithuania and quickly achieved 5,000 views but then the video was removed. They made versions for audiences in other countries including Slovakia which has achieved 47,000 views to date. 

  • Mercatus Center: The Hockey Stick of Human Prosperity
    Mercatus Center had previously made videos for MRUniversity with a minimal effort approach achieving a previous high of 23,000 views for a video. This year they put more time and effort into improving the production value and introducing a viewer driven mechanism for determining video topics. The results have been dramatic and have earned Mercatus coverage in The Chronicle of Higher Education, Vox and tweets from tech investor Marc Andreesen and journalist Ezra Klein. This example of their new approach has already earned 174,000 views and teaches the important lesson of how wealth is created and how central that process is to human flourishing.
  • Illinois Policy Institute: Coffee Run: Chicago Forces Out Entrepreneurs
    This video demonstrates the relationship between regulations and entrepreneurial activity putting a human face to interstate business relocation. The video tells the story of Sarah Travis, a young, productive entrepreneur who is forced to take her great ideas to Texas because her beloved hometown of Chicago won't approve her business. Two months after launch, nearly 30,000 people had watched to learn her story.


    Successful applicants will join an annual class of participants and receive:
    • Up to $5,000 in support for equipment, technology and video promotion
    • Complimentary registration and shared hotel accommodations for the annual Lights, Camera, Liberty workshop with Hollywood insiders in Los Angeles, California, December 4-6, 2014
    • On-site two-day training at your headquarters with professional creatives for you and your communications team
    • Year-round access to private online message board where professionals offer feedback, tips and tutorials
    • Eligibility to participate in Atlas Network's annual Lights, Camera, Liberty! Film Festival competition recognizing the best achievements with cash prizes at Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner 2014 in New York City