June 24, 2014 Print

It is often necessary to influence public opinion in order to advocate for political change. Public opinion can be difficult to change when the ideas you’re promoting – in this case, liberty – are a foreign concept, with important texts in a language most of the people in a nation don’t understand. This was the issue facing Atlas Leadership Academy participant Dong Ziyun, director of translation projects for the Babel Institute in China. Ziyun realized that the ideas of liberty needed to be translated into Chinese to engage more citizens. Since beginning its translation project two years ago, the Babel Institute has translated 10 books focusing on Austrian economics and liberty, including Why Liberty, edited by Atlas Network’s Dr. Tom Palmer, and more than 100 articles. In addition to the articles and books, the project has provided subtitles for countless videos concerning free-market ideas. Ziyun recently completed the Atlas Leadership Academy’s Think Tank 101 Online course, where he gained skills to map out a plan for the institute’s future, including hosting more seminars and training additional translators to increase yearly productivity. View a video he produced about his project here:

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