June 11, 2016 Print

When the ideas of liberty are presented in a short, engaging, and entertaining package, the world takes notice. Last year, Atlas Network partner the Independent Institute produced a bold five-part series of videos titled “Love Gov: From First Date to Mandate,” which “personifies the increasing folly, cost, and intrusiveness of government” in people’s lives. “Love Gov” won Atlas Network’s Lights, Camera, Liberty! award in 2015, was a finalist in the Reason Foundation’s Reason Video Prize, won the “Best Editing” category at the HollyWeb Film Festival in April, and has netted nearly 5 million views to date. The Independent Institute is now busy translating the series into new languages, with all five episodes now available accompanied by Spanish subtitles, and with Bulgarian and Portuguese translations currently in the works.

The comedic approach of the “Love Gov” videos provide a universally understandable template for explaining the folly of intrusive paternalism and bureaucracy — as long as people can read the dialogue in their own languages. Atlas Network partners throughout the world who would like to help the Independent Institute create additional translations of the “Love Gov” videos are welcome to contact Rebeca Zuñiga, multimedia director for Independent Institute, to discuss involvement in the translation project.

“Atlas Network is proud to recognize the Independent Institute for its hugely successful Love Gov series, a truly imaginative and expertly crafted example of the power of video,” said Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips after its Lights, Camera, Liberty! award win. “It takes a big vision to win over large audiences and Love Gov has proven going all in on video pays off.”

David Theroux, founder and president of the Independent Institute, presented the idea and concepts behind the “Love Gov” series before students at Draper University: