June 11, 2014 Print

While Venezuela has become accustomed to receiving support from its like-minded allies in the region, Atlas Network partner in Caracas, CEDICE, has pointed out that some of Venezuela’s most loyal allies are turning their backs on President Nicolás Maduro and the country he inherited from his predecessor and friend, Hugo Chávez. In her most recent article featured in El Universal, Venezuela’s largest newspaper, Leonor Filardo, policy analyst at CEDICE, discusses how regional support for Venezuela’s economic agenda is falling. President Rafael Correa of Ecuador is quoted as saying: “The Venezuelan political crisis was deepened by economic errors made by the government of Nicolás Maduro. Venezuela was the Saudi Arabia of the world. Where did that money go? With all due respect, from my point of view, it’s all due to the economic errors that aggravated his contradictions.” In an equally surprising move, President José Mujica of Uruguay expressed the importance of creating economic ties with the United States in order to sustain healthy economic growth; this goes against everything that the Venezuelan model stands for. Continue to Filardo’s full article on El Universal here. To learn more about the work of CEDICE click here.