June 17, 2014 Print

Economist Marcos Hilding Ohlsson of Atlas Network partner Libertad y Progreso outlines how the government of Cristina Kirchner is growing the Argentine welfare-state using populist spending tactics. According to a new study, in 2014, more than 18 million Argentines, approximately 42 percent of the population, will benefit from at least one of 60 different welfare programs. Click here to learn more about the report, “The Failures of the Welfare Policies for the Reduction of Poverty: An Analysis of the Welfare Plans in Argentina and in Buenos Aires 2013/2014”. In the study, Ohlsson says, “We must stop seeing excluded and impoverished peoples exclusively as mouths to feed or necessary recipients of welfare. On the contrary, every individual has creative ability, potential to gain the skills necessary to be productive and ambitions to live better lives. We must begin to think of programs that encourage this sector of society to work and achieve upward mobility so that after some time they might not need further assistance and can begin to help others themselves.” To read the study in its entirety, click here. To learn more about the work of Libertad y Progreso, click here.