August 8, 2014 Print

Fraser Institute’s Mark Milke and Deani Van Pelt defend school choice in the Calgary Herald after Calgary’s Member of the Legislative Assembly and education critic, Kent Hehr, claimed that private schools would “divide pupils by wealth and religion”. Milke and Van Pelt hold that Hehr “overlooks why choice is invaluable in education- because it leads to human flourishing”, and summarily answers every single point made by Hehr and says that he “repeated the tired and misleading clichés about independent schools”. Children in private schools in Canada “significantly outperformed their peers from public schools”, and parents choose to send their children to private schools “for a variety of reasons: bullying, lack of teacher care or availability, concerns with the curriculum, neglect of their child’s special needs, or poor academic results.” They remind Hehr also that the “government resources” he says are mis-allocated if spent on private schools “are also known as the tax dollars of every parent”, and that if the welfare system were handled like the education system in Canada, that recipients could only shop at government stores, noting “the point, of course, is not private or public provision but to ensure that everyone has an abundance of food to eat or is abundantly educated, regardless of who provides the food or the education.” Read the article from Milke and Van Pelt here. Learn more about the Fraser Institute here.