February 23, 2016 Print

Students throughout the world need a broad primer on the ideas of liberty, and the book Why Liberty: Your Life, Your Choices, Your Future has been translated into more than a dozen languages, including a recent translation into Armenian by the student group Armenian Liberty Students Organization, and with the support of Atlas Network, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, and Network for a Free Society. Edited by Tom G. Palmer, Atlas Network’s executive vice president for international programs, the book includes essays explaining the history and structure of libertarian thought, as well as its application to an array of political and cultural topics.

Armenian Liberty Students Organization has also translated the book Foundations of a Free Society, by Eamonn Butler, director of U.K.-based Atlas Network partner the Adam Smith Institute. Butler’s book outlines the core principles by which free societies work, in simple language directed toward people who do not already live in free societies and may not have familiarity with how they work in practice.

“We concluded that once they would be in Armenian more young people could learn them for themselves, make actions and first steps how to teach them to others, and will see soon that another generation of pro-liberty speakers will appear,” said Artavazd Grigoryan, president of the Armenian Liberty Students Organization and project coordinator for the group’s Liberty Seminars. “Working continuously with students in Yerevan we hope that the ideas will become very simple conditions, rules for their life organization, for making picture of state and government and for planning and implementing their activities in public, political life of the country. Even if they could do their life choices as liberal-oriented individuals, that would be success. We plan to develop this idea and show the young people from Armenian village regions the progress of capital youth in liberal thinking, and have a pro-liberty youth in Armenia elsewhere.”