December 10, 2018 Print

The Instituto OMG, based in the Dominican Republic, is offering $2,000 to the first prize winner of its research contest on law and development in January of 2019. Instituto OMG was founded in 2008 to add value to society through education, specialization of human resources, and scientific research, all for the purpose of creating a wealth of innovative legal knowledge. This research contest fulfills the first part of that vision by encouraging other people to contribute new ideas through their research.

The purpose of this contest is to “encourage the spirit of research,” and to investigate areas of law and development at the international level.  Although the contest is aimed at researchers, academics, and students of any nationality, all research must be written in Spanish.

For the past six years, Instituto OMG has hosted this annual research contest, a “call” sent out to researchers, academics, and students everywhere. The response has been rewarding: winning papers have provided wonderful content for their annual magazine. Winning papers of this year’s contest will be published in the next edition of Instituto OMG’s Law & Development Magazine (Revista Derecho y Desarrollo).

The deadline for paper submissions is Jan. 13, 2019, at 11:59 pm Atlantic Standard Time.

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