July 5, 2017 Print

The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty (known simply as “Becket”) currently has an undefeated Supreme Court record and a 90 percent win rate in the lower courts. A public interest law firm that defends all faiths, Becket aims to change American law, and create equilibrium where the courts and the public accept religious activity as a natural part of public life in the United States.

At an Atlas Network event in New York City on June 1, Becket President and Chairman of the Board Bill Mumma shared Becket's unique mission and strategic vision of religious liberty while analyzing the prospects for religious liberty in the current political landscape.

“In all of our cases, no matter the religion, what I’ve seen is that everyone works together because they want their freedoms protected,” Mumma said.

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Bill Mumma is President and Chairman of the Board for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. He ended a 30-year career on Wall Street as CEO of Mitsubishi UFJ Securities (USA), with prior roles as Executive Managing Director and head of the Equity Division at Nomura Securities International, and partner and global head of derivatives at Bankers Trust Company.