November 17, 2015 Print

Daniel Anthony, Atlas Network vice president of marketing & communications; and John Kramer, vice president for communications at IJ and executive producer of Everything.

Thousands of leukemia patients die each year because they can’t find a bone marrow match, and this problem is often exacerbated by potential donors who back out at the last minute, frustrating the urgent plans of dying people who have spent years trying to find a match. If somebody you loved was dying, and you had a chance to interact with a potential donor, what would you do to persuade them to follow through with their donation? Atlas Network partner the Institute for Justice (IJ) debuted a new short film at the 2015 Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner, dramatizing that very question.

Titled Everything, the concept for the film had its genesis in Atlas Network’s Lights, Camera, Liberty! program, which connects think tank professionals with Hollywood insiders to bring the narrative power of filmmaking to policy issues that may otherwise be dismissed as overly cerebral or mundane. John Kramer, vice president for communications at IJ and executive producer of the film, completed the Lights, Camera, Liberty! program in 2014, and used his new filmmaking skills to develop the script for Everything, spearheading the casting and production of this touching narrative. Kramer said that his team worked on at least 20 scripts over a period of four months, streamlining characters and storylines, until it coalesced into its final form.

Ultimately, the film puts a personal face on the real-life struggle faced by thousands of dying leukemia patients and their families every year. “By allowing payments, it’s our hope and goal that people will show up and donate when they’re needed,” Kramer said during the Q&A session with Atlas Network Vice President of Marketing & Communications Daniel Anthony after the premiere screening. “The marketplace should be allowed to work so that people can step up, make that donation, be compensated for it, and, as a result, save a life.”

The world premiere of the film was shown as the finale to the 2015 Lights, Camera, Liberty! Film Fest, an annual highlight of Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner.