November 16, 2018 Print

A frequent fear in the liberty movement is that millennials and Generation Z don’t understand the value of free markets and limited government. Addressing this dilemma requires reaching the next generations in the spaces they frequent with a compelling and relevant message. The Independent Institute is continuing to do this with the release of the second season of its highly anticipated Youtube series Love Gov.

All Scott Govinski, or “Gov” for short, wants to do is help because, he cares about people — probably more than they care about themselves. That’s why he has to be involved in every aspect of their life; Gov knows best. At first, Gov seems like a nice, caring guy. However, it quickly becomes apparent that Gov’s definition of “caring” requires invasions of privacy, massive debt, and intrusions into every aspect of people's’ lives (remind you of anything?). The Independent Institute demonstrates the problems of an intrusive state by showing what it would look like if a person (Gov) acted the way the federal government does.

“Millennials [are] disillusioned with the promises of Washington, and largely unsettled in their worldview,” commented Kristiana Bolzman, development manager for the Independent Institute. “Knowing that millennials overwhelmingly get their news and information online, and especially on YouTube, we decided to meet them there. We decided to create a 5-part series around the 5 key concerns: student loan debt, employment, housing costs, affordable healthcare, and government spying, to present the entrepreneurial, free-market answers to their concerns.”

In season one viewers followed Gov as he demonstrated himself to be an absolutely terrible boyfriend. This season, Gov has decided to help others by becoming a landlord. All he wants to do is provide housing in a great part of a major city at a great price to people who otherwise couldn’t afford to live there. The problem is his, applicants make too much money. This is an easy fix for Gov — he simply has his desired tenants quit their jobs and get into enough debt to qualify to rent his house.

“Having destroyed the local housing market through building restrictions and rent control, Gov becomes a landlord, taking in a house of unsuspecting ‘early careerist’ millennials, as well as a successful baby boomer,” Bolzman explained. “The primary concerns addressed in season two remain the same as season one’s — as the issues of student loan debt, housing, employment, healthcare, and government spying remain top-of-mind for the targeted early careerist millennials — but we also wanted the new season to reflect Independent’s forward-looking, optimistic, and solutions-oriented vision, so its resolution is one of hope and opportunity.”

Love Gov season two is beautifully shot, well acted, and filled with humor as it exposes the horrors of a federal government with too much power in a digestible and fun way. It's no wonder season two has aggregated more than 2.6 million views since its Sept. 25 release, with 98 percent of viewers being the targeted millennial demographic.

Here are just a few of the comments viewers left on the episodes from season two:

“Thank you so much for your brilliant satire. Keep up the excellent work!”

“I can’t tell you how many times these damn videos have cracked me up, these guys are hilarious and brilliant”

“Gov the the job killer”

“Just love this series. Keep going!”

“Funny how Gov represent the government's hypocrisy in how it is supposed to help people but makes things worse for everybody.”

“My favorite web series!”

The message of Love Gov is going beyond the U.S. to countries all over the world. “We are excited to share these resources with as many people as possible — in the United States and around the world,” Bolzman concluded. “Already, Love Gov season one has been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Polish, and Lithuanian, and we are working to translate Love Gov season two into additional languages as well.” If you or someone you know would be interested in getting a translation of Love Gov into a particular language please reach out to the Independent Institute.