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Amanda Ashworth

Vice President of Marketing and Communications

Amanda Ashworth received a double masters in the business of Publishing as well as English, with summa cum laude honors, from Rosemont College, after receiving a double bachelors in both Communication Arts and English from Rowan University.

She has spent most of her career in the publishing industry. As a Publisher at Taylor & Francis, Amanda was responsible for 140 academic journal publications and books on the US Behavioral Sciences & Social Care list, its editorial staff, and the acquisition of new content or business. She enjoyed traveling abroad for strategy meetings and meeting a diverse, global group of academics and professionals, as well as piloting new ideas such as Open Science and Open Access.

Amanda then received the opportunity of a lifetime to become an Innovation Manager, launching a unique school called Innovate Academy, which combines the benefits of a classical approach to education along with other modern pedagogies such as STEAM, in Chadds Ford, PA. At the time, she was also honored to deliver a commencement speech at her alma mater, Rowan University, and to its SSH graduates. Both of her children attend the school now, which is still flourishing several years later.

Now as Vice President of Marketing and Communications with Atlas Network, she is motivated to advance the cause of freedom and libertarian values worldwide. Having lived in a third world country, she understands the need for justice, limited government, and human rights in order for society to flourish, and she desires to make this message as simple, digestible, and attractive as possible to shift culture.

In her free time, you may find her with a glass of wine or coffee and a good book or laptop (pounding away at some fictional stories), playing tennis, or documenting a plethora of entrepreneurial ideas she most likely will never get to! She enjoys living in Chester County with her husband and two children and hopes to travel with them to many more than the 13 countries she's been to.