John Blundell spent two decades as the General Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs in London, the “grand-daddy” think tank to the Atlas Network and (in the estimation of Andrew Marr of the BBC) “undoubtedly the most influential think tank in modern British history.” Prior to his service at the IEA, Blundell was President of the Charles G. Koch and Claude R. Lambe Charitable Foundations, aiding in their evolution into some of the most active philanthropies for the advancement of libertarian ideas. Earlier, Blundell led (simultaneously) the Institute for Humane Studies and the Atlas Network (then, Atlas Economic Research Foundation), organizations that served as catalysts to the creation of new generations of classical liberal academics and think tank entrepreneurs, respectively.

At Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner 2014, Atlas Network distributed a newly revised version of John Blundell’s “Fundraising for the Free Society” primer as part of the RoadMaps series on think tank management topics, as well as a John Blundell Reader with 12 pieces by John that share his insights and give a sense of his wide-ranging interests.

John Blundell was fond of the annual elevator pitch competition at Atlas Network’s Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner. During the competition, contestants must develop a descriptive and compelling pitch for their work, in just 60 seconds, as their “rite of passage” to graduate from the Think Tank MBA program. In 2014, the elevator pitch competition was renamed to “John Blundell Elevator Pitch Competition” to honor John’s affinity for the event.



Highlights and Tributes

Below, you can read tributes to John and highlights of his work.

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