Program Overview

Atlas Network’s Global Influencer Summit is a 3-day program centered around key management and leadership topics for senior think tank leaders. The workshop provides an opportunity for key organizational decision makers to focus on “big-picture” organizational strategies and hear from business and non-profit thought leaders outside of the think tank world. Participation is by invitation only, and attendees will play a critical role in helping to determine topics of each summit.

On the final day of the workshop, summit attendees will participate in two practical leadership growth activities:

  • Act as mentors for the preliminary round of the elevator pitch competition. Ten finalists will be selected from the Leader Lab program to participate for a cash grant award for their organization in the John Blundell Elevator Pitch at the Liberty Forum.
  • Serve as coach/mentor relationship for a business plan competition, in which Leader Lab participants (which will be running in parallel to the summit) will be tasked with developing business plans for a new think tank or advocacy group.

Note: Individuals participating in the Global Influencer Summit may be asked to lead or help facilitate a session on the second day of the summit.

Application Deadline: Application to the Global Influencer Summit is by INVITATION ONLY.

Cost: Atlas Network will cover shared lodging and meals plus all training materials and registration for the workshop as well as for Atlas Network’s Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner. Participants are expected to cover their own travel costs. Atlas Network will provide transportation to New York for Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner.

Atlas Leadership Academy Credits: 3

Who will benefit from this course?

  • Experienced staff at established think tanks

What you’ll learn:

  • “Big-picture” organizational strategies
  • Act as a coach and mentor to members of the Leader Lab group

You’ll leave this training with:

  • A global network of colleagues from successful think tanks
  • Knowledge of organizational strategies
  • Mentorship and coaching skills